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Sized Baby Back Ribs

SAP CODE: 1020065, 1020828

Description: Ribs and related intercostal meat from a bone in pork loin. Calibrated product. Nine ribs minimum. Minimum width per rib of 1.9 in. The product has between o.4-1.6 in meat cover. Membrane (peritoneum) removed, without bones exposed in the internal side, no bone fragments accepted.

Palletization: Pallet Ti/Hi: 5/22, 110 cases per pallet.

Shelf Life: 18 months frozen, keep frozen at -18 C.

Caliber: 16-20 oz / 20-24oz /

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Case: 22 lb.
Bag: Individually wrapped. Bag size: 27.5x11.8 in.
Case: 21.2x12.5x3.9 in. 10 bags per case.
Sized Back Ribs
Sized Back Ribs