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Supporting Communities

We’re linked to 30 communities across Chile, providing support through different projects and programs focused on driving socio-economic development.

900+ children in Lo Miranda receive excellent, free education at our school Los Cipreses.

Building strong, supportive ties with our local communities is essential for Agrosuper’s sustainable development.
That’s why in 2018 we donated around $6 million USD to programs and causes aimed at improving the quality of life for the people in the towns and villages where our production plants are located.

44 people make up the Agrosuper Community Relations team. Their job is to find opportunities and ways we can contribute towards the socio-economic development of our surrounding communities.

We are greatly committed to the following three main areasimproving education, supporting local businesses and promoting healthy living.

We offer access to high-quality education.

In 2002, together with Fundación Agrosuper, we created our very own school: el Colegio Los Cipreses in Lo Miranda, a small town in the Doñihue district.

Today, our school provides outstanding, free education to more than 900 young people from the surrounding areas.

Cipreses school currently ranks second among the state-subsidized private schools in Chile.

We offer access to high-quality education.
To learn more about Los Cipreses – Check out our video!

We’ve had a positive impact on the development of our neighboring communities.

In 2016 we formed partnerships with more than 50 farmers in the O’higgins region, with the aim to support development of their crop farming.

How? By using a bio-stabilized fertilizer made from pig slurry to help crops grow on their low-fertility land.

Check out the La Estrella project here.

We’ve had a positive impact on the development of our neighboring communities.
Check out our video:

Supporting local entrepreneurs!

15 initiatives in 2018.

We developed 15 initiatives in 2018 as part of our local entrepreneurship program. Among them, we included projects that helped local people to find employment and gave them access to materials and tools for training.

13,600+ People greatly benefited from this program in 2018. In total, we invested $213,301 USD in projects aimed at supporting and promoting local businesses.

Dedicated to education

9 initiatives were created in 2018 to support children and teenagers in both school and higher education.

3,870 people benefited in 2018 from our efforts to strengthen education in communities where our production plants are based.

$1,771,589 USD Invested in 2018 in different programs that make up our education support area.

Encouraging healthy living!

14  Initiatives were developed in 2018  to encourage a healthy lifestyle of exercise and balanced diet.

5,500+ students and parents took part in our ‘Súper Sano’ (Super Healthy) program in 2018. This initiative aimed to support and improve the diets of children in areas where our production facilities are built.

Our efforts are divided between 30 communities across Chile:

Valparaíso Region
La Calera
La Ligua
Santo Domingo
Villa Alemana
Metropolitana Region
San Pedro
Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins Region
La Estrella
Las Cabras
San Vicente de Tagua Tagua
La Araucanía Region
Los Lagos Region
Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region
Puerto Cisnes