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Environmental Management

Committed to a
better way of working.

Our respect for the environment and local communities is what inspires us to raise our standards and achieve the highest possible quality for our products while keeping our impact to an absolute minimum.

Reducing water consumption and emissions, minimizing waste production and improving energy efficiency are just some of the goals we’ve set for ourselves over the past few years; our hard work is paying off.

Take a look at how we are innovating and getting great results in each area.

Waste Management Waste Management See more

We aim to minimize the impact of solid and liquid waste we produce by finding and investing in new ways to use it.

2,100+ metric tons of waste produced during the feeding and breeding stage were recycled throughout 2018.

4% reduction of non-hazardous waste per kilo of processed/produced meat produced in the industrial production stage.

So how do we do it?

We turn pig manure into water then use it for cleaning and irrigation.

We turn sawdust into biofuel

The processing areas and facilities belonging to the processed meats and byproducts Industrial Division at our San Vicente plant require high volumes of steam in order to work.

Until a few years ago, our steam supply came from two boilers that were running on Oil. So, we set out our goals to make the process more sustainable…and we did it!

We invested $1,800,000 USD in the Biomass Boiler Project with the sole aim of eliminating all use of fossil fuels from this process. What was the result? We turned wood shavings, sawdust and bird excrement from waste into biomass, a clean fuel that replaced oil and is now used to generate all the steam our San Vicente plant needs.

Every drop counts Every drop counts See more

The worldwide demand for water has doubled over the past 50 years. At Agropsuper, we take this global concern seriously and are dedicated to caring for our environment. That’s why we’ve implemented a strict, water-saving plan, based on two main principles:

Efficiency every step of the way
A New Life for Each Drop

1. Increasing efficiency at each stage of the process

We’re constantly working towards reducing water consumption without affecting the quality of our products. Our objective: to be more efficient every day.

  • There’s no time for leaks: we’ve created a maintenance protocol and started installing equipment that helps prevent water loss during our processes.
  • Doing more with less: we’ve reduced the amount of water used for cleaning our breeding centers by changing to a system that has lower water flow with high pressure.
  • Saving every last drop: we’ve installed efficient water dispensers for our pigs, meaning water loss from drips or leaks is no longer a problem.
Liters used per kilogram of processed - produced meat
8,8 liters

2. Reusing water: every drop deserves a new life

72% of the water we used for breeding our pigs during 2016 was reused to clean the breeding houses and to water our neighbors’ agricultural plots.

How do we do it?

Today, 3 treatment systems to process the water used for pig breeding. By taking action, we’re helping the environment and creating greener and more sustainable processes with every new day.

7 activated sludge plants

Vermifilters that work using earthworms. .

7 biodigesters.

This system reduces organic material by up to 70%.

Energy Management Energy Management See more

Managing energy use is a top priority for us at Agrosuper. And to take it that one step further, we’ve even made changes to our energy resources, prioritizing greener and cleaner energy.

Our industrial stage increased efficiency in electrical energy consumption by 4.8%. (2018 v 2017).
Electrical and fossil fuel consumption per ton of processed meat produced (total in KWh / tons of processed meat)

So…how do we do it?

We’re using more energy-efficient lighting in our factories and offices.

We make sure to avoid steam boiler downtime.

We heat water with the hot gas released from our AC cooling systems.

Cleaner energy

We’re not just saving energy but also working on reducing oil use and increasing consumption of propane and natural gas instead.


We’re innovating the ways we use Biogas, a biofuel made from organic material deriving from animals, waste water and other agro-industrial waste.

Odor Emissions Odor Emissions See more

Our commitment is clear: protect our neighboring communities by detecting and controlling any unpleasant odors released during the different stages of production.

Electronic noses fitted throughout our pig breeding barns.

So…how do we do it?

By bringing in our own clear odor emission limits and regulations and investing heavily in technology that helps us both monitor and mitigate these emissions.

Between 2013 and 2018 we invested $31 million USD to reduce odor emissions in Rapel Valley. In the La Ligua district we reduced odor emissions by 65% by investing $3 million USD between 2015 and 2018.

Success stories

  1. On our Turkey By-products Plant we installed a modern Odor Treatment System which led to reducing emissions by 90%.
  2. Thanks to our new automatic ventilation systems, we’ve cut odor emissions by 50% in our pig breeding houses.
  3. We’ve managed to lower emissions from pig slurry processing by 90% with the construction of our new Activated Sludge Treatment Plant.

Electronic noses allowing for 24/7 control

How can we be sure that these measures are working? We use electronic noses to constantly analyze the results. The sensors inside these machines allow for accurate monitoring of odor levels on our plants and help us take immediate action when we surpass the limits that Agrosuper has put in place.

Emissions Reduction Emissions Reduction See more

As we know, global warming requires immediate action from all citizens and companies. At Agrosuper, we’re leading the way. Our commitment to the environment has led us to develop a program designed to reduce two types of emissions:

Greenhouse gases:

Gases such as CO2 and methane, among others, which trap heat in the atmosphere.

Particulate matter: Particles suspended in air.

7,1% We’ve successfully reduced CO2 emissions from industrial production (CO2 in kilos/ton produced) – (2017 vs. 2016)


Tons of CO2 equivalent – reduction in emissions produced during our animal breeding stage (2016 – 2017).

Go Climate Neutral Now

We’re the only Agribusiness company worldwide that sells carbon credits.

At Agrosuper, we understand that caring for the environment is not only beneficial to the planet… it’s also beneficial to our business.

With this vision and our commitment to the environment, in 2001 we became the first ever agro-industrial company to reduce GHG emissions under the Kyoto Protocol and the first to sell and issue carbon credits.

Our project began in the year 2000 when we voluntarily decided to go beyond international pig breeding standards and implement an advanced waste management system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By using biodigesters on our Pocillas and La Estrella plants, we achieved our goal:
to prevent biomass and liquid waste from decomposing and releasing methane, an extremely harmful gas that contributes massively to global warming. To put it in figures, we saw a reduction of 509,961 tons of CO2 equivalent in 2016.

This voluntary project led to our acceptance into the United Nations program Go Climate Neutral Now which allows us to sell our voluntary reduction of CO2 emissions to developed countries under obligation to reduce their GHG emissions.